Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sadie Update

So I posted a picture of the nasty spot on Sadie's toe. Oh the woes that go with that. She was put on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory on that Saturday. Then about Tuesday in the middle of the night, I woke up to her puking. Big pile of puke on the bedroom floor at 1:30a, so I got up to clean it up. Then on Wednesday, she wasn't eating right. Not eating her breakfast and turning up her nose at dinner. She also puked three more times that day much to Cowboy's dismay. So on Thursday, I took her off all the medication. Her foot was looking better but still not healed. I called the vet and he gave me a different medication. I started her on the pills on Saturday. She did fine for a couple of days but then went back to not eating and seeming to have an upset stomach. Her foot is still not healed all the way but I have decided to take her off the pills again.

The one area that I feel like a total failure with my Sadie is when she not feeling well. I wish she could tell me what was wrong and I wish that I could fix it for her. I really hate it when it when my baby girl is sick.

Poor Sadie.


Caroline said...


I am so sorry that she is not feeling well. I also hate it when my babies are sick because they can't tell me what is going on. I would call the vet again and tell them the problem. It might be normal that she doesn't want to eat because of the meds. But I would check with the vet.

Lynilu said...

It is very hard to watch our babies suffer, not knowing exactly what's going on in their little bodies. I hope that she is better pronto.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby.....give her a hug for me! I hope she gets better soon.
I know that will make you feel a lot better!