Saturday, August 1, 2009

A little Relaxation

Last night I got to meet up with three of my good friends. I love these women and feel bad about not seeing them more often. We met for dinner at 6:30p and left at 10:30p. The conversation was good. It was so good catching up and I was reminded how blessed I am to have such good women friends. It was the perfect ending to such a stressful week.

This morning Cowboy and I got up and took a walk to the Farmer's Market. It is about a three mile walk and was very nice out. Sadie loved it and acted like a puppy bouncing all over the area. We bought some fresh peaches, jalapenos and two amazing homemade cinnamon rolls from the Amish ladies. The cinnamon rolls are enough to motivate me to walk back there every weekend. It was a nice morning with one exception--you guessed it, Cowboy.

On the way back, I just wanted to kick his ass, if I could have caught up with him. He took off like he was race walking. I had to run to catch up with him and then fell behind again. I yelled at him asking him to wait for me since I thought it would be nice to have this morning walk together. But, no, he wanted to keep his "heart rate up". It wasn't like I was slow poking along, but I did have a dog and the precious cinnamon rolls. The trail was busy and I would have to slow down for the bikes, kids, walkers and for her to nose around. UUGGHH....MEN

Finally, he sort of got the hint that he was pissing me off and slowed down and walked the last 1/2 mile with me.

We played golf with the son and DIL. I was hot on the course today. I beat Cowboy on the front 9 by one stroke and only lost to him by 4 strokes. I was very happy with my play.

I needed to go to work today but I didn't make it. So tomorrow morning, I need to go into work for about 4 hours and then we'll have the rest of the day for play. I hate giving up my weekends but really have no other choice.


Caroline said...

When I was younger my Dad would do the same thing as Cowboy and it would piss my Mom off. I think that is just a man thing.

Sorry that you have to go to work on Sunday. When you take your vacation in Oct, half the time should be comp time for all the extra hours you are putting in. I imagine you miss your tech supervisor as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Mine never walks with me, he is always ahead of me. But sometimes I do not follow. :)
Glad you got a little relaxation.
Sorry you are having to spend so much time at work. I do hope you get some extra time off for all the extra hours you are putting in.

(I know someone who would make a great personal assistant for you.)

Hope you get some time off this afternoon.

love ya,

Lynilu said...

I'm with Kim .... someone runs off from me like that just makes me determined to stick to my own pace and enjoy what that person is likely missing as they hurry. But I have an attitude, too! ;D