Saturday, August 15, 2009

A long week.

I don't want to complain about work on here all the time. I'm sick of being overwhelmed by it so until it calms down I'm not going to complain about it again.

Last night, Cowboy and I hopped on the motorcycle (side note: we're watching Rudy as I write this and even though I seen it 100x, I'm still crying) and went out for Mexican food. We meet up with the son and DIL. Good food. Then off to the pet store to look at the puppies. They had a baby boxer that was adorable. I kept telling Cowboy we either needed a puppy or a baby. He would just smile and shake his head.

I told the son that we could call him "uncle" instead of having a little brother (32 years apart).

Today is off to play golf. Tomorrow is a soccer game-not that I know anything about soccer but it's a fundraiser for a wonderful program, Amethyst Place. It is a transitional living program for women and their children as they work on their recovery.

Relaxing the rest of the time.


Caroline said...

I know of a family here in town that just had Golden Retriever pups. I think Sadie would be a great big sister.

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully things will calm down a little at work.

Anonymous said...

I always cry at the end of Rudy....
glad you are going to have a relaxing weekend.

Love ya