Saturday, August 22, 2009

So So Date/Great Golf

The past couple of weeks we have been playing golf with the son and daughter-in-law. The DIL is pretty new at golfing. We have been riding in the golf carts together. I tend to be a little more patient then her husband and can give her a little better instruction without getting frustrated. However, it tends to throw my golf game off a little because I get more focused on trying to help her than play my own game. I really don't mind a whole lot because I remember being there.

Today was a different story. We played at a brand new course for all of us. I was originally going to ride with my hubby but it didn't end that way. So the DIL and I rode together. Much to my delight, I played really well. I was relaxed and focused on my game the whole day (well, except for four holes). The holes that I struggled on, I still did pretty well. I was very pleasantly surprised with a 93 for the day. Cowboy shot a 89 so I wasn't to far behind him.

Going back a day, I've been working pretty long hours and decided that we needed to have a date night. I left work at 4:30 with plans on hitting a favorite Chinese food place and then going to the movie. I called Cowboy on my way home and left a message for him to call me.

When I get home, no Cowboy. Sadie still in her kennel. Around 5:30, Cowboy calls. "I'm still at an auction with Stevie or maybe I'm on the golf course." "Well, I would say you are on the golf course since your clubs and shoes are gone". I was a little upset but made a decision to remain calm. He knew how important this was to me. He hurried home and we went to dinner and made it to our movie. All was good.

We were talking about it tonight because Stevie told him that I would be pissed and he would be in the dog house. Cowboy commented that he was thankful that I wasn't angry because he thought I knew he was sorry and that he would never do that again. Funny thing about it, I knew that he knew he was wrong. I also believe in my heart that he won't do that again. He wasn't late intentionally. He really did have enough time to play golf but the round was slow.

He won't do it again. And I'll still love him if he does. Although I will be pissed as hell next time.

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