Thursday, August 13, 2009

He's the Man.

I went to work at 7a yesterday and got home at 7p last night. Today, it was work at 8a and home at 8p. Cowboy asked why I was working so late since I was the boss. He thinks that I should delegate to others. I wish it were that simple.

However, when I got home he had mowed the yard, cleaned the house, taken care of my sick dog, had grilled chicken and squash ready on the stove. And then, he made brownies, melt in your mouth brownies.

He's the MAN!


Lynilu said...

Yep, that qualifies him for the title!

Monogram Queen said...

Yep he's got the crown this week! I have a hard time delegating too, i'd much rather do it myself and know it's taken care of!

Anonymous said...

He wins hands down! You are a lucky girl.


Caroline said...

Sorry you are having to work so many hours at work, but how wonderful that Cowboy made brownies for you. Can you tell him that I have had a rough week and could really use some warm brownies. :)

Anonymous said...

yep....have him send Caroline some of those brownies, that would make her feel better.

Have a good weekend,

Caroline said...

Thanks Kim!! :)