Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taco Tuesday

It's be a long stressful day so I called Cowboy and reminded him that it was Taco Tuesday and I would treat. We both got home after a long day and hopped on the motorcycle and headed out for taco's. Yummy. We to our favorite cheese dip, and two tacos each all for under $10. Love Taco Tuesday.

I'm very stressed about work and am working long hours. Sometimes it gets better and other days it's not so good. Lots of changes and lots of anxiety.


Anonymous said...

Glad you got your tacos...
thinking about you and your work, you know I would help if I could.
Remember to breathe.


Caroline said...

A few nights ago S and I went to the local Mexican resturant and I was really disappointed. It was no where close to Kokopelli's or even Sol Catina.

Hope work slows down for you. Just remember that it will all work out somehow.