Monday, August 31, 2009

The Stress Returns

We had a pretty good weekend--well for the most part.

I went to my secretary's son's funeral on Saturday morning. The church was packed. Lots of young kids were there. The service was really nice. My heart just goes out to A and her family. She is having a very difficult time, understandably so. I talked with her a little last night. The police have no leads and lots of leads all at the same time. Some kids are talking but nothing that would lead to an arrest.

The rest of Saturday, I did a little shopping. Sunday was golf. I didn't play to good and neither did Cowboy. It was new course and pretty tough for the first time playing. But the weather was beautiful.

I was starting to feel the stress ebb just a little and then bam--back to work today. It just reminds me of all the work that I have to do on the next 3 weeks. I am just fried! Watch out, October--vacation time for me.

Cowboy did great this evening. When I got home, the yard looked like something out of better homes and garden, just beautiful. Dinner was ready. He had a great yummy.

He just brought me a brownie with ice cream....gotta love that man.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous.....
not because of the stress (I have my own version) but because he is so good to you. Can we clone him?

Hope the week goes by fast and you enjoy your long weekend.

Love you!