Thursday, August 20, 2009


Tonight was a night that I needed to have my camera with me. I work in mid-town, not a particually great area of town. I was working late tonight so on my way home I saw the most intriguing thing.

There was a black gentleman probably around 60 years old walking down the street with a graduation cap and gown on.

I needed my camera.

People are very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you have your phone with you?
From now on, carry your camera with you too.

People are very interesting.....I like to people watch.

Have a good day!

Caroline said...

Doesn't your fancy iPhone have a camera on it???

That is one thing I really miss about living in a big city...all the crazy looking people you see.

Lynilu said...

Cell phone, girl, CELL PHONE!!