Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Freak

I work with a Freak. He is absolutely crazy and is making me nuts at my work and adding stress where there is already more than is needed.

Just a bit of history, the Freak has no boundaries and used to come in my office to talk for hours. Then he sent me a very passive aggressive email about something that I had nothing to do with, it was pretty out of line. So I back off from having any conversations with him that didn't relate to work. He then had a break down at work and started crying and playing a victim. At that point, I was done.

I have worked hard at having civil working relationship. Then about three weeks ago, he yelled at two of my co-workers and then started a round of emails that were nuts. I responded to the emails and then next 8 emails were very defensive and blaming. He's f***ing nuts. I finally stopped responding.

Tuesday, he called me and left some jumbled message. I called him back and he told me to just "deal" with it. Well, okay. I had no idea what he was talking about. Come to find out, my co-worker told him that she knew about the problem and was going to deal with it. So he then blames me and tells me to "deal with it".

He then wanted me to fill out a spreadsheet about door locks. I told him I didn't have time to do that and his response was that he was going to call our CFO and he hung up. I'm so done with it by this time.

I talked with the CFO about how crazy he was and about how done I was with him. The Freak then sent me an email doing what I wanted in the first place. Then today, the Freak called me and we were having a civil conversation when I told him that he needs to look at his part in all this shit. He said he did and this was all about me. He is crazy. I hung up on him.

The Freak then talked with a co-worker and told him that I was a "control-freak" and there was a conspiracy to plot against him. First of all, what the F*** and secondly, I don't have that kind of time. The co-worker also revealed to me that he is attributing some things to me that I don't have anything to do with.

I'm so done with the Freak. He needs to go check into the nut house and leave me alone.

Just ranting.....


Caroline said...

Oh, I am so sorry that you are having to deal with the Freak, which BTW, I love his new nickname.

Just remember he is not a very stable individual and has some serious personal issues. And from what I remember he has had more then one break down at work.

Hang in there.....soon all the madness will be over with.

Lynilu said...

Oh, what fun. Not. I hope you're saving the emails and voice mails.

Did it MY way said...

Fire the freak.

Oh shit I forgot you can't do that no more. Oh for the good times to be back again.

Good luck.

See Ya

Caroline said...

No word from you since Thursday....I hope you didn't kill the Freak and are sitting in jail. :)