Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally Together

I consider Dec '05 to be the time that we got together for the final time. It was really hard at first. He had a life to end in another state. He was giving up a home that he loved and 4 girls that he was close to. He had cashed in some of his 401k to buy his dream house on 17 acres in the mountains--lots of fishing and hunting. I wanted all of him but he needed to get out of his relationship, commitments, etc. I couldn't call him or contact him so I had to learn a lot of patience. We saw each other about once a month and talked when he could use a pay phone and a phone card. It was really hard on our relationship but at the same time, we had to build trust in each other.

I clearly remember when I fell in love with him. I think that I had always loved him and cared about him but I wasn't sure that I was "in" love with him until March. He was here for the weekend and getting ready to leave to go back to his house. He said good-bye and walked out the front door. I was very sad. I went to my car, opened the garage door and he was still there. He walked over to me, put his hand on my face and said, "don't be sad, I'll be back" and gave me several kisses on the cheek. It was a very sweet, endearing moment. My heart just sank. I walked around work all day feeling like my best friend just left me. I knew it was love.

He called me a couple of days later and said "I love you". Nothing back from me. The next week, he called again and said, "I love you". He then asked me how I felt about him. I told him I don't toss the word love around. But yes, I love you. I knew from then on I was in it for the long haul.

He then took on remodeling his son's basement and spent the whole month of June with me. What a great time and challenging at the same time. I had to learn how to really say what I wanted and not just give in to him. We talked a lot about becoming a team and not just partners, friends and lovers. We had to learn to work together, play together, fight together and live together. We have worked hard on become a team in all aspects of the word.

That fall, he got a job working with his cousin building fence so we saw each other every weekend. I was always so excited when he got "home" and always sad when he left. In December, he moved in officially with me full time.

I always thought that I would have to give up a lot of my independence being together but I haven't. There are times that all I want to do is be with him. I have moments during the day with a rush of love fills my heart and it's because of him.

So now we are here. We have our home together. We have our life together and everyday I come to the conclusion that I don't want to be anyplace else with anyone else.

There are days that I don't like Cowboy. There are moments that I'm so frustrated with him I can't see straight. And then there are those moments that he does something or says something and I fall in love with him all over again.

And now I'm sharing our life here.


Lynilu said...

What a cool ending to the story. Well, not really an ending, but an arrival at a juncture that made your life what it is! Not only did you need patience to get through that, but trust, as well.

The moments of not liking him and being frustrated .... those are just part of a relationship. Hell's bells, I don't like ME sometimes!!

I'd say you have a pretty good think there. :)

Caroline said...

Looks like you found your piece of gold. :)

Monogram Queen said...

I love this ending! That is a GREAT pic of the two of y'all *sigh* So romantic!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story -

What a beautiful photo -

What a beautiful life you two have made together -

Thank you so much for sharing.