Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Tired

I am one tired girl! I had to work from 8:30a to 9p Wednesday and Thursday night. That made for a long week. It was really fine because much of it was spent with clients, something that I don't get to do often enough.
However, I promised Caroline that I would do this last night so better late than never:
7 things I plan to do before I die:
-become a mom
-get married
-travel to Europe
-score under 90 on the golf course
-go to Australia
-live in the country with Cowboy
-buy a Winnebago and travel the USA
7 things I can do
-smoke the golf ball down the fairway
-sew (almost anything without a pattern)
-drive a tractor to disc a field
-hang ceiling fans and install a thermostat
-refinish furniture
-change a tire
-clean out a hog house
7 things I can't do
-be a girly girl and wear high heal shoes all day
-run fast
-do anything mechanical with my car
-understand Cowboy when he talks about cars
-belch on command
-do anything in public that you aren't supposed to do
-back a trailer
7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
-short hair
-nice teeth
-sense of humor
7 things I say most often
- Oh my
7 Celebrity Crushes
-George Clooney
-Toby Keith
-Tim McGraw
7 people who need to do this
-everyone who hasn't (it's tougher than you think)
I'm not sure my brain is working. I'm trying to do this and watch the Olympics. I'll have to come back to it.

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Caroline said...

Thanks for playing along. I know who to call if I need a flat tire changed. :)