Friday, August 1, 2008

What I don't do now...


I think I got it. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

We went to the new gym again. It was a little better the second time but I'm pretty sure we aren't going to join. Afterwards we had to go wash the car. Cowboy just can't have a dirty car. At the car wash, he asked how long it had been since I washed the car....I haven't for the past couple of years.

I started thinking about all the things I haven't done since we've been together. I haven't washed the car. I haven't mowed the yard. I haven't taken out the trash. I haven't fixed anything around the house. I don't always have to drive. I don't always have to do the dishes. I don't often fix my lunch for work. I don't fix breakfast during the week.

I was single for a very long time, about 39 years. I loved living on my own and doing all the things I needed to do for myself. But being in a relationship has also been awesome. I tell Cowboy all the time that we need to be a team and work together. I had a lot of fear about giving up so much of my independence and I'm finding that I can give up some of the things that I used to do and be fine. I never wanted to be a dependent woman. I am very thankful for how we have found a grove.

I told Cowboy that we were going to get married on 03-06-09. His response, "I need to take out the trash." I'm going to keep working towards that. Wish me luck.


Caroline said...

That video is so funny. You know how you always refer to Sadie as "goofy"? I think you need to start calling Cowboy goofy as well.

You and Cowboy compliment each other very well. I am happy you guys are so happy.

Why 3-6-09?

Lynilu said...

I don't know who enjoyed that video more, me or my 4-leggers!! Their heads were tilting right and left and I was just cracking up!!!

"3/6/09" ... 3 + 3 = 6 + 3 = 9 ????

MJ said...

3-6-9 is a sequence of numbers that Cowboy can hopefully remember, he is date challenged. He remember's my birthday by taking his first wife's birthday times 3.

Caroline said...

You know Friday's date is 8-8-8...that would be perfect for Cowboy to remember. It's not too late to plan a wedding....