Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Been a Long Day

Today has been a long day. Work doesn't often take me out of town but today it did. We had a meeting this afternoon and a meeting in the morning about three hours away. So we are in a hotel tonight. The meeting today consisted of a training, which was so amazingly boring I thought I would have to jump up and take ahold of the lady doing the presentation and strangle her. Better yet, do something to take me out of my misery. OMG, it was so bad.

Cowboy has called already. He sure misses me when I'm gone. Has to have blow by blow of the days activities. He won't come right out and say it, unless it's close to bed time and I catch him at a weak moment.

Had to have a small chuckle last night. There was an article on the net talking about how men and women communicate differently. The article stated that often men don't say I'm sorry they just go about trying to make it better by taking you out to eat or washing your car. I guess that Cowboy has been saying I'm sorry all week for his childish behavior this weekend. I had to show him the article...his comment, are you trying to say something...yeah, babe--you can't say I'm sorry or I'm wrong... try it, it will say you some money.


Lynilu said...

Whoa now! Slow it down! Don't talk about saving $$ until you get a nice piece of jewelry!!! :D

Monogram Queen said...

Yeah.. what Lynilu said! LOL