Thursday, August 28, 2008

Outside Update

I wanted to share with you the "fruits of our labor". The yard is looking good and all of Cowboy's hard work is looking excellent. Cowboy says he does the framing and I do the decorating. When I brought home all the flowers, he ranted on and on about them. Now he waters them and treats them with lots of TLC. He is obsessed with keeping the yard looking top notch. I must admit he does an outstanding job. Our yard has never looked better according to our neighbors. We get lots of comments from the neighbors which just boost Cowboy's already overinflated ego.
Tomorrow, I fly out to Florida. I'm going to the twins 7th birthday party and my God-daughters fourth birthday party. I have a hula skirt and lei waiting for me. I've very excited. We have to leave at 4:30a for the airport. Cowboy decided not to go. He said he wanted to wait and go on vacation together, most likely in March. (A vacation to get married, maybe???????)


Caroline said...

Your yard looks great!!!! I especially love your little garden with the window hanging in the back.

Have fun in Florida!! Don't forget my magnet.

Monogram Queen said...

Lovely! So ... peaceful. A vacation to get married sounds GREAT!

Lynilu said...

Gosh, your yard is just beautiful!

Good luck on the March vacation!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful job. Great planning by you and great work by cowboy. Geesh hes sure a keeper!

Ruth in Canada