Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turd Cutter

We were hanging out around the house and Cowboy started talking about pooping. I know, I know, why would you talk about pooping. I swear, he is obsessed with pooping. He is a regular pooper. I guarenteee that the minute I leave the house for the day, he is sitting on the pot "taking a dump". If he doesn't get time to "download", he just isn't right the whole day.

Not only is he obsessed about his own poop, he wants to know if I have "dropped a load" on any given day. He thinks I have poop problems because you can't set a watch by my pooping.

Today, he said he thought my "turd cutter" wasn't working. What? Turd Cutter? Isn't he a dandy.


Caroline said...

Huh, interesting conversations you and Cowboy have.

Monogram Queen said...

My new word of the day: turd cutter! ROFLMAO!