Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Mom's are Here

The mom's have arrived. I spent the afternoon with my mom at the furniture store shopping for new furniture for her and Cowboy spent took his mom to the casino. Mom and I caught up with them there. Mom loved the penny machine because it seemed to have more bells going off more often. I really liked the blackjack table today. I ended up with enough money to buy dinner for all of us. I have typically been a loser at the table every time that I have gambled lately. I'm pretty excited about today.

He thinks he's my boss. Cowboy is standing over me right now telling me that I need to get off my new computer. My mom told me reply..."Who died and made you boss!" Cowboy didn't think that was so funny. He quickly informed me that he is the boss around the house. At least, I let him think that....we all know who the real boss is.

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Monogram Queen said...

Sometimes it's okay to let them "think" that... then sometimes you hafta put them in their place *grin*