Monday, August 18, 2008

the New hair cut

I couldn't seem to take a good picture. We have been staying up late and getting up early and I look tired so here the best that I have. My hair seems really short but what can I expect after losing 8 inches. I love my new "do" and got tons of compliments on my hair. I can't believe that I don't take the time keep it up and try to look a little more stylish. I keep saying that I'll do better but I don't. Maybe this time I will.

Why can't men just say I'm sorry? Why can't my man say he's sorry? Instead, he'll take something that I BBQ sounds good (I said that 2 days ago)...and he'll do that for me. We had a couple of spats this weekend and I come home tonight and he decided to go out for a ride in the convertible and BBQ. An "I'm sorry" would have been good enough. I don't think he likes to admit that he wrong, as least he does it in his own way.


Caroline said...

Your hair is super cute and that is a great picture of you.

Have you read Men are From Mars Women are from Venus? Men really do communicate differently. Glad to hear that you guys had a good night and enjoyed this beautiful weather with a trip in the convertable.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Caroline...the picture is good and the haircut is cute.
As far as your man goes...he's not perfect but it could be a lot worse. have a great day. Kim

Monogram Queen said...

I love your hair!!!

Men, they just are different from us. Mine is having some issues too. *sigh* Just gotta give them space sometimes!

Lynilu said...

That is a very cute cut for you! Very becoming! And yes, it's a good picture, too.

Men are ..... well, men! Somehow, it seems that saying "I'm sorry" is the equivalent of "I'm stupid" or "I screwed up," all things they have trouble with. But in the whole schema that is your life with him, how much weight does this carry? If it's a heavy weight, then TELL HIM SO!! Have you ever thought how ironic it is that we are *supposed* to tell our lovers what we want and need in bed, what pleases us in sex, yet we don't do that in the other 99%(?) of our lives? So tell 'im if it is important!!