Thursday, July 31, 2008


Cowboy has taught Sadie to sing. I was downstairs ironing my clothes and heard singing going on upstairs. Cowboy has taught Sadie how to sing. It is the cutest thing. They just howl and howl together. I tried to download my video clip but it wouldn't let me. I may try again when I get this all figured out.

I've been really tired from all my company. Went to bed early but was also up early to go to the gym. Cowboy bought a 30 day pass to the gym for $2.50 off eBay so we are going to try it for 30 days. I went this morning and wasn't really impressed. Our old gym is cleaner and more personable. This is big, very open and overwhelming. Can you get attached to your gym? I'm not sure I want to change. We are going to go again in the morning. Maybe it will grow on me.

Good news eye doctor released me from post op. I am seeing much better and am totally healed. My vision is greatly improved. Yeah for me!!!


Caroline said...

Did you tell your Dr. that you now can't see red lights???????

I am glad that you didn't buy a membership before going there. I think you need to feel good about your gym and if this gym doesn't feel right...I say go back to your old one. You want to go to a place that you look forward to. It's hard enough going to the gym when you love the place, let alone don't feel comfortable there.

Monogram Queen said...

Yay for your improved vision!!!

My Aunt had a dog that would "sing" it was too funny. I bet Sadie & Cowboy are adorable!

I hate the gym so i'm no help there

Lynilu said...

OH, I really hope you can get the video uploaded! That sounds like a hoot! We had a tiny 3# chihuahua who used to sing when my daughter played the piano! I love talented pets!!