Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Day After and Then It Happened

So I'm really not that good of a drinker. In college, I was on my pledge class chug team and could put away a lot of beer and did. But now, I'm not that good of a drinker. I could be the influences from my job--working in an addiction treatment center. It could be that on several occasions, I have gotten so drunk that it took 3 days to recover. It could be that I don't practice drinking that often...but whatever the reason, I'm not that good at it now. Yesterday, after our party, I didn't feel that bad but I didn't feel that good. Just a little sluggish all day. I met Caroline for a little pool time then came home and shampooed the carpets. What an exciting 4th of July. Cowboy called around 6p and we met for dinner. He caught a "whole mess" of fish on his little trip away. After dinner, we spent the evening doing nothing, I didn't even see any fireworks.
And then it happened! We slept in this morning--8:30a. Then it was up and around for the day. I booked a tee time for 1:30p. After 18 holes, the score was tied. Didn't quite beat Cowboy--but we tied. It was the best round of golf I have ever played! I knew we were close but couldn't believe that we tied. I'm going to have this framed! It's staying in the frame until I get one that shows me beating him. He was a pretty good sport about it. I'm so proud--I played great. It is the lowest score ever for me. If you all could see me now--I have a huge smile on my face and will probably stay there until we play golf tomorrow.


Caroline said...

So awesome about your golf game. Must be the new and improved eyes that are helping.

As far as recovering from Thursday...I was fine yesterday just a little tired. After getting called into work and staying up until 3:30am I am exhausted today. The sun came out this afternoon and I was even too tired to lay by the pool. I opted for a 4 hour nap instead.

Lynilu said...

You tied, huh? Good for you! The girl's got gusto!! How did Cowboy take it?

Aging (sorry to use that word) does strange things to us, doesn't it? How it changes out lives, our responses to various stimuli, is just amazing. I don't mind most of it, but the lack of stamina in almost every area is just aggravating!! I wanna have the energy I did at 30, thank you very much!!

redfrog27 said...

wtg nice golf game

Monogram Queen said...

Girl I don't know how you played golf LOL My Dad made me caddy for him as a kid then later on play and I hated every single second of it! LOL Congrats on your game though, practice does make perfect in golf.