Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Sadie

One of my favorite things about Sadie is she will put her chin on my leg when I'm eating something. She looks at you with these big eyes that plead for just one lick, one small taste. She'll often just drool but it is the tenderest thing that she does.

Sadie is a rescue dog. She was found in Dec 2001, chained outside and almost starved to death. She was taken to Animal Control and they did not think she would live overnight. She weighed only 44 lbs and was very emaciated. She had to stay at Animal Control until her "abuser's" trial. She was released to Weimaraner Foster Care on Dec 24th. Just in time for a good Christmas. She stayed in foster care for two months and ended up staying with a co-worker and friend of mine for 3 weeks during that time.

When Sadie was ready for adoption, my friend asked if I wanted her. I thought and debated and ended up saying no because another family was interested in her. The next morning I knew I had made a mistake and vowed if it didn't work out, she would be mine. The family ended up not wanting her and she was mine. Sadie is the first dog that I have ever had.

The weekend before I picked her up, I was down on the farm and said to my dad (a firm believer that animals are to be outside at all times) that I wouldn't be home as often because I was getting a dog. He told me he would make a pen for her in the hog house. I said no, she was going to be a house dog. He replied, "Well, as long as she doesn't roam the house at night when I'm trying to sleep". I looked at my sister with my mouth wide open. Really, did he say that. That sounds like a consenting statement.

Sadie had been with me ever since. She goes home with me and loves the farm. Grandma loves her to death and Grandpa tries to pet her but that is as far as he gets. Sadie is goofy, adorable and oh so lovable. When she's not with me, I miss her. She gets up at 4:30a to eat every day. She is amazingly food focused and we have to watch her because she will eat everything in sight. She is the best.

She loves Cowboy and Cowboy loves her. Actually, she loves everyone. She has never met a stranger and won't fight even when attacked by littler dogs. I love my goofy girl!


Lynilu said...

Sadie is a very special, gentle and sweet dog. I'm really glad I got to meet her when I came to KC. And you're right, she's a lover, not a fighter. She allowed Ali to be alpha, and since she didn't argue with him, he calmed right down. She's a peacemaker!

I wonder if the eating at odd hours is a trait of some dogs that have eating issues? Sam still prefers to eat when no one is looking, so nighttime eating makes him happy. I'm gradually getting him to eat in the daytime, finally.

You are lucky to have Sadie, and vice versa. All the other humans in her life are the gravy. :)

Lynilu said...

BTW, my parents were farm people, too, and inside pets were not encouraged (although they never turned away one of my "finds"). But when I got my first Shih Tzu, China's momma, they were much like your dad .... all the rules were suddenly different!

Aren't doggy-grandparents the cutest?

Monogram Queen said...

I love seeing such devotion to your pet.
My Reilly is a "beggar" too. Gotta love em' though!

redfrog27 said...

Our beagle Bufford is a begger also. He was a rescue dog before we got him (my friend rescued him) but her stepdaughter was allergic to him. So she pleaded to we took him and I have not regretted at all he is a great dog and makes the evil dog calm.Sadie looks so satiny (not sure if that is a word).

Caroline said...

Does Sadie realize how many people love her??

This is my new favorite picture of Sadie.