Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Love Summer

I love summer. I love everything about summer. I love watering my flowers after work. I love that it stays light longer. I love sitting on my deck. I love that neighbors are out of their house. I love walking with my dog. I love how the sun feels on my skin. I love yard work. I love watching my garden grow. I love driving with the top down. I love sweating just because it's hot. I love the birds and bugs. I love the smells. I love summer.

I love this picture!


Caroline said...

I am glad someone is enjoying the summer.

I won't get upset about this post if you won't get upset when I do a post talking about the things I love about winter.

Anonymous said...

my son-in-law has a T-shirt that says: To hell with summer....drop the puck, so you know where his heart is lol True Canadian !

Ruth in Canada

Lynilu said...

But, MJ, is there anything your *really* love??


Eve said...

I agree with every word of that and would just like to add:

I love watermelon from my garden. All cold and sweet. I love walking on the beach in the Summer. It is especially nice at night. I love all the busy,l busy, about the season. All the little animals are out in full force, especailly the rabbits in my garden. LOL

Monogram Queen said...

I would love to just stroke Sadie's fur... I bet it's like velvet!

Lynilu said...

Oh, dear. I hate it when I overlook typos. That should have said, "...s there anything YOU *really* love??"

And to MQ, Sadie is like velvet. She feels so soft and nice!

I proof read this one!

MJ said...

Eve--ditto on what you said.

MQ--velvet ears

Ruth-I'm a winter fan also

Lynilu--I really LOVE Cowboy and my family