Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love this pic. It was one of the only redeeming things about waiting on the highway for 3 hours.

Low key day and low key evening. Cowboy got up really early to golf and I couldn't go back to sleep so I laid in bed and read. I love reading and really haven't gotten the chance to read as much as I'd like to. I try every night before bed but sometimes I'm to tired.

Cowboy has been very good lately. The letter may have had an impact.

We are leaving on Friday morning for a trip back to the farm. The big 25 year class reunion is this weekend. I had vowed to lose 25 lbs and guess what...still waiting for that to happen. Oh well, I'm pretty okay with myself and am looking forward to the reunion. I've been to all of them and have had a blast at each of them. This will be Cowboy's first year to accompany me so it should be interesting.


Caroline said...

Love your picture. Since I have been taking my camera with me all the time now, I am amazed at the things I have found to take pictures of.

I am glad to hear that Cowboy really heard what you were saying in your letter. You guy have a great weekend.

Remind me to tell you what I told my ex-husband the weekend we went to his high school reunion.

Monogram Queen said...

Have a great time at your reunion, and hey, Spanx can make it look like you've lost some pounds!
I doubt you need it though :)