Monday, July 7, 2008

Is a Repeat in the works

Cowboy lost both of his parents. His father died just before I met him 14 years ago. A couple of years later, his mother died of cancer. He has 4 siblings but he is not close to any of them. He occasionally will get a letter from his sister in North Carolina and a call from his brother in Pennsylvania. After his parents died, he adopted a mother. She is a lovely woman and is the mother of his best friend. Being with someone with limited family has some advantages--like all the holidays are spent with my family. However, I would be incredibly sad if it were my parents that were gone. So occasionally, he will invite "Mom" up for the night. He called on Saturday and she was able to come up Sat night. Yesterday, we spent most of the day just hanging out with her. I'm very happy for him that he has someone to call "Mom" and invites her up.

He was rassing me all day about beating me on the golf course after Saturday. We had a late afternoon tee time at a small course that has mostly par 3's with a few par 4's mixed in. I was confident that I could kick his ass again. My golf motto "Moments of brilliance followed by complete and utter chaos". Let's just say I lived up to my motto. No repeat for me. I'll add two disclaimers--1) I forgot my eye drops and had a hard time seeing and 2) it was hot and play was slow. Next time...I'll show him.


Monogram Queen said...

That is very sad about his loss of his parents and disassocation with his siblings but sweet that he has adopted his friends Mom and that he is good to yours!

Lynilu said...

You know, as I do, that "family" is who you define them to be. We never have to be without family, and I'm glad he figured it out.

I am SO glad you have an excu...uh, set of reasons to alib...explain why he beat you!

Caroline said...

Sorry about your golf game. I am sure the weather had something to do with it. It was hotter then hell out yesterday.

Good for Cowboy for taking it upon himeself to adopt his friends Mom. So, can I adopt your Mom and Dad? :)