Thursday, July 10, 2008


Will they ever heal? Lasik was such a walk in the park compared to PRK HELL. I can tell my eyes will be great when they are all healed. I went to the eye doctor today. He said all is going well and they eyes are still healing and have not healed completely over yet. I get to go down to 1 steroid drop a week for a week and he said after I'm off of the steroid drops the healing and sight should dial in quickly. I can't wait, this is very frustrating. I'm sure the outcome will be great. Those moments when I see clearly, it is awesome.

I'm not ready for the trip! I don't want to go on the trip! I want to say screw it all and stay home. We almost had a hitch, both people that I needed to get storage unit key clearance from are on vacation--oh my luck. They had to track one guy down on vacation and it seems like it's all going to work out. DAMN IT--would have been a good excuse to stay home. On the bright side, I get to send 24 uninterrupted hours with my brother, that hasn't happened in years. It's a good thing I like him.


Caroline said...

I know this trip is hard for you on many levels, but soon it will all be over with. I really admire the strength you have had for your family in the past several years. They are lucky to have you in their corner.

I should have made you and your brother a CD for your trip with cool road trip songs. You did hear I am the Queen of Mixes didn't you?

Drive safely and we'll talk when you get home.

Monogram Queen said...

I love trips, but yours if for a not-so-good reason I guess.
Sorry about the eyes.I can't stand for something to hurt regarding eyes,ears or teeth.