Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thoughts of Home

I love being from a farm. I love how quiet it is and how laid back the pace is. When the city becomes to much for me, a trip home is exactly what I need. The farm calms me and helps me get centered again. We are getting close to the end of an era. My dad has been farming our land since he was a child. He grew up living across the street from our current home. His father's father homesteaded the place. His father raised 7 children in the house across the street. His father died a day after putting a roof on a barn. Grandpa worked everyday up to his death. My father will be the same way. In a couple of week, he is selling everything- the tractors, plows, rakes, discs, combine, etc. (He is 70 years old and has a new job in the 'city'.) It will be an incredibly sad day. You can tell by the pic, Sadie loves the farm also. This is her on our ride home from the farm.

On a different topic-this is the next great golfer in the family. BooMan started playing golf when he was two years old. He would carry a plastic club around and say "I'm Tiger Woods". He has turned in to an outstanding golfer. This is the 3rd year he as qualified for the state tournament with the Kansas Junior Golf Association. Last year, he placed 6th as an 11 year old. He's playing tomorrow in the state tournament. Wish him luck.

He beat the pants off of me this weekend. He shot a 84 on a par 76 course--not to shabby. He told me that when he is on the PGA tour, he'd help his Aunt MJ out. Gotta love that boy!


Caroline said...

I can see why the farm is so calming for you and helps keep you centered. And all the history that you are around while there is pretty amazing.

Wishing your nephew lots of luck.

Lynilu said...

Awwww, that is a sad end to a long family tradition. When the times overtake us, we must move on, I know. How is your dad dealing with it? And your mom?

Best of fortune to all your family. :')

Monogram Queen said...

I am not a country girl, we used to have 25 acres with a creek running through it. It was such a relief when we sold it and moved closer to civilization LOL
How cool your nephew aspires to be a golfer. PGA here he comes!