Monday, July 21, 2008

We Have Twins

Cowboy called me from his cell phone when he was out mowing the yard--told me to get the camera and come outside now. I grabbed the camera and he took me over to the neighbors back yard. We have a doe and twin fawns living in our backyard. Cowboy said he saw them again today in the subdivision. It was a totally awesome sight. I know that Cowboy thought this was super cool. We were looking at the pictures later and he commented, "a cool new screen saver". I think the grandbaby has lost his place on the computer screen.

Cowboy talks all the time about selling out (we just bought!) and moving out to the country. He would love to have a pond and woods for the deer. I'm hoping our own little "forrest" will satisfy him for several years longer.

I'm a little recuperated from the reunion. It was such a whirlwind weekend. It didn't seem like we were anywhere for very long. I have enjoyed all my reunions. I loved high school and the people that I went to school with. One of my classmates shared her pictures thru snapfish. I'm sad that the reunion is over.


Caroline said...

How very cool that you have deer so close to your house. And twins....that is just awesome.

Lynilu said...

I hope the trio sticks around so you can see them again. I have loved watching the little twin boys and their momma around my house this past year. Their little antlers are about 6" long now! So cute!

Monogram Queen said...

I never tire of seeing deer. There is a spot right now where we have saw up to ten and they are there most every evening. Hunting season starts mid-August so I hope they change their habits (and i'm sure they will). NOT a fan of deer hunting at all but I do realize the herds need thinning out sometimes.