Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Girls

Seriously, with girls that are as cute as these, how could I not be distracted for the past couple of days?? My visit with my best friend and the girls was awesome. I loved having them here. I spent Saturday cleaning the house for them. On Sunday, I went to pick them up. I drove 2 hours to get them and would have driven 20--well worth the trip.

We had college friends over for ice cream and cake on Sunday night. It was really fun to have a house full for friends and kids. It made my house feel like "family". Monday it was off to Wonderscope, an interactive museum for the girls. That was really fun. Cowboy volunteered for girl time so Sherry and I went tooling around town in the Miata for an hour. Monday night we went out for dinner and Tuesday, it was off to the airport. The trip was entirely too short but a few days is better than not seeing them for a year.

Sherry and I get into the pattern when I am around the girls where she gives up some of her mommy duties and I take them over. I get to feed and bathe the girls, do their hair and snuggle with them. It really makes the biological clock bang loudly. Cowboy even enjoyed having them around. We tried to talk Sherry into leaving one of them behind. No one would go for that...bummer.

I helped them at the airport and just started crying when we said good by. The girls said "Mommy, you need to get your tissues out." I miss my friend so much. Even though we stay in touch, it's not the same as having her around. I love her dearly and love those little girls as my own.

She knew Cowboy from when we started dating 14 years ago and didn't trust him from what she knew of him. (I didn't either). She made a comment when we were at the airport that she was glad to have spent time with him and could see how happy we were and how much he has changed. She said she felt so much better about me being with him and was comforted by being here. That meant the world to me to hear that from her.

Tuesday, I treated my brother to a round of golf. He brought his kids up and we golfed in the rain--it was fun. My mom came along for the night-so my house was full one more night. It helped me not miss my girls as much.

Cowboy was a real trooper. He hung in there and was very patient with lots of little 'cookie crumbs' in the house. He even said that he enjoyed them being here.


Caroline said...

Glad you had a good time. The little ones are sooooo cute!!

Monogram Queen said...

They are adorable and how nice you had some "mommy" time. Practice makes perfect!
Also validation from friends sometimes means a LOT.