Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I would like to think that I am growing older gracefully. Just like a fine wine, I should be getting smoother, right?? So the other night, I was walking down the steps to the living room--those 5 small steps to get to where I'm going. It was dark and Cowboy was laying on the couch watching TV when I came down the steps. I think I'm at the bottom and take the last step. OOPS--not the last step. My hands were full and there was nothing to do but go down. I CRASHED onto the floor, face down, drink flying across the room and I'm sprawled all over the floor.

Not grace in motion. No broken bones. My pride was hurt. Cowboy has dubbed me "Crash". I'm fine. But really, that shouldn't happen to me. (To tell the truth, I fell down the other set up steps when we moved in.) I remember a conversation with my brother and sisters about how we just don't bounce back like we used to and how we used to be able to do things so much easier that what we do now. I don't want to get older--not if that's going to happen.

PS. My nephew shot an 82 today--pretty damn good. Tomorrow is the final round.


redfrog27 said...

I take the phone with me at night when taking the beagle out.MY kids would never miss me and I dont want to spend the night out on the ground.Damn Musclar dystrophy is taking all my strength. Love the blog

Lynilu said...

I'm the world's worst klutz. And it sounds as if you're right up there with me! Would you believe my middle name is .... Grace! LOL!!

Caroline said...

Lynilu is right....she is the worlds worst klutz. She should tell the story of when she got caught in the garage and had to call Laura on her cell phone to come resuce her. At the time it wasn't funny, but looking back now it is really funny.

Hope your knee and pride are doing better.

Lynilu said...

OK, MJ, here is where you can read about how klutzy I really am!! You need to check both posts to get the best possible understanding (as if there is understanding for this sort of thing!!).