Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big Reunion

I made it to the big 25 year high school reunion. 26 of my 50 classmates also made it. Notice the really stoned guy in front. He was a weird one in HS and hasn't changed. Still stuck in the home town and still stuck in the 80's. Some people looked the same and some I swear weren't in our class.
We made it early Friday morning for a golf game with the family. My 12 year old nephew beat me like you wouldn't believe. I did well and shot in the 90's both Friday and Saturday. (I beat Cowboy like a drum on Saturday and he cried like a little school girl). Friday night we went to town for a gathering at the "beer garden". My hometown has the longest running "reunion week" in the state of KS. They blocked off half the main street with cattle pen panels and had a live country music artist. At the end of the street was the "beer garden" enclosed by more cattle pen panels. Gotta love those small town festivals.
Cowboy and I drank a few to many beers. Several of my classmates showed up. It was awesome to see them and also sad because some of them live less than 15 miles from me and I only see them every 5 years. It's amazing how time flies. My classmates are grandparents. Some don't have their hair and some are really gray.
Saturday evening was the dinner. The big question was "when are you getting married?" If I had a dollar every time I was asked, I'd be rich.
I know I'm just rambling. I'm a little tired. Overall, it was fun and Cowboy was a great sport.


Caroline said...

Glad to hear the reunion weekend went well. And that guy sitting in front that looks stoned...I think he is the same guy that lives in the apartment above me.

Monogram Queen said...

So glad the reunion went well. I wish we'd have a reunion again.

Lynilu said...

Glad you had a good time. I love going to my reunions, haven't missed one yet, and the next one will be (gulp)the 50th in 2012!!

There is guy in my class that always does something stupid in our group picture. He is an otherwise normal-seeming person. Who knows.