Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Goofy guy

Cowboy got up this morning and was wearing his house shoes around. He caught a reflection of his legs in the mirror and was shocked by his tan lines. I don't know what he was expecting, he never goes without his socks. It really does look laughable in the picture.
He was goofing around with Sadie this morning when I snapped this photo and couldn't help but laugh. It's the best. He is awesome with her when he's not fighting with her about being on the bed. I still can't believe he gave in on that one and she's allowed on the guest bed "on her blanket".

I had gotten a little fed up with him on Sunday. He doesn't seem to listen to me about a few of the issues I have with him. Either he doesn't listen or he chooses to ignore me. I thought I'd use a different approach and I left him a letter on the bed yesterday morning. My thinking is that if he read what I was saying it might stick. I came home and he had dinner all ready. We sat down to eat and he started in on one of the issues I wrote about. I asked him if he read my letter--he hadn't even seen it. I told him that I would like for him to read it and then we would talk.

He read the letter and made a few changes today. We'll see how long it last. The letter is still on his bedside table. We haven't had a conversation about it yet but as of now it seems as if he gets a little of it.


Caroline said...

Are you sure Cowboy isn't wearing socks in that first photo because his feet are so white I swear he's wear socks.

Letters are a great way to communicate when you really want someone to listen to what you need to say. Allowing them to read it in their own time will sometimes help someone not become defensive. Make sense?

Monogram Queen said...

Those legs/feet crack me up!
Cute pic of him and Sadie.
That was wise to write him a letter. I've done it a time or two. I do believe the written word does sink in better.

Lynilu said...

Cowboy seriously needs some tan-in-a-bottle!! after a few applications, his feet and ankles will be as dark as his legs. Orange, perhaps, but dark!!! LOL! Actually there are a few on the market that don't go orange. Jus' sayin'.


When something needs to be said and needs to be heard, written is a great way to go. If I'm writing, I can think before my foot becomes wedged in the roof of my mouth, and if I'm reading it I can pause, ponder, reread it, digest it, whatever it takes to g.e.t it. Yeah, good way to go. And hey ... at least you know he doesn't lay in bed all day while you're gone! Hope things mellow for you both.