Saturday, March 21, 2009

Interesting Night

Thursday night was a "live it up" night for Cowboy. What started off as a day of golf with his one ended as a day of golf, an afternoon of pool and a night of drinking. Lots of drinking. Then more drinking. By the time he got home, he was "lit up". We had belching, bed spinning, animal noises, bumping into walls, and a whole lot more. Thank goodness he doesn't do this but maybe once a year. If he weren't so annoying, he would be entertaining.

A rough Thursday night lead to a quiet Friday night. I worked on..... stuff.

Today was off to the gym and then the thrill of the weekend. We drove a MiniCooper. I found the one I want. We started talking about trading off the Miata and buying a can only dream. Oh, what a nice dream.

1 comment:

Monogram Queen said...

Ha haaa drunks CAN be funny but are mostly annoying if YOU are stone cold sober!
Mini's are cute but i'll take my Charger!