Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Story

I want to capture our wedding story. I don't have pictures yet...well just a few that I will post with the story. But I want to capture the story so I can remember every little bit.

Thursday, Cowboy and I spent the day cleaning the house and working in the yard. I love doing yard work so that was pretty relaxing. Around 7p, we left for the airport to pick up Sharon and Larry. Sharon has been my best friend since 1984 when we pledged the same sorority in college. I couldn't imagine having a wedding without her.

We all went out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse and had a great dinner. Cowboy and Larry haven't really spent much time together but I knew they would be together a lot this weekend so I was hoping that things would go well. We got home and just relaxed. Sharon and I watched Grey's Autonomy and Private Practice and then it was off to bed for all of us.

During all this time, we were on weather watch. The weather man was predicting snow and rain mix with temperatures in hovering around 32 to 34. Really. I was torn between wanting to know what was going on and wanting to be completely ignorant of the weather.

Friday morning started with a phone call from Mildale Farm, our wedding site. We had the building on Saturday 9a to Sunday 9a, but they called to say that due to the weather we could start setting up on Friday and have all Sunday to take down and clean up. That was awesome news but also bitter sweet because it meant the weather was going to be a challenge.

Sharon and I went to get the keys, then off to pick up the linens and finally off to tan. Sharon had to hit the DSW because she only brought flip flops. She ended up with tennis shoes and I ended up with some new flip flops. Cowboy and Larry went to breakfast and we met back up at the house and loaded both vehicles with all the wedding stuff. We then headed to the location.

Sharon, Larry, Cowboy and I were able to get the table and chairs set up along with the buffet table, dj table, cake table and sign in table. Rain, Rain and lots more rain. The grounds keeper stopped in to talk about snow removal, where to park cars, etc. Again, I wanted to hear but wanted to ignore.

Sharon and I then left to go meet Dr. T, my awesome friend doubling as wedding planner, for a massage and toes and nails. We were late for the massage so we only got a 1/2 hour massage but it was great. My toes and nails were done and again looked fabulous. However, it took a little longer than expected and we had to run home, shower quickly and then head to Dr. T's house for a personal shower.

We were late for my own shower. But hey, I was the guest of honor and everyone understood. The shower was fun. Dr. T did an amazing job. Great food. Good company. We played a little game where everyone wrote down a suggestion to keep the relationship hot and I had to guess who wrote it. Lots of fun and my poor mom, suffered through a little embarrassment. I received some great gift, especially a little lacy thing from Sharon that I'm sure Cowboy would love.

Finally, home for the day. Cowboy and Larry had stopped by a pool hall after setting up and weren't home. As a matter of fact, they didn't get home until 2a. Yes, 2a. And then he proceeded to sing very loudly for the next 45 minutes. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. Nerves, singing Cowboy, weather, wedding......

More tomorrow.


Lynilu said...

OK. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Caroline said...

I am so glad that Sharon was there on your special day. And I am so glad that Larry and Cowboy got along so well. I think it's funny that they stayed out til 2am and Cowboy came home singing. How was he feeling the next morning?

I can't wait to read more....

Anonymous said...

I do know how this turned out in the end.....but I don't know all the little details. I can't wait to hear the "rest of the story".

Since I couldn't sleep Friday night, I guess I should have went to your house after the shower.
I could have heard & seen Cowboy in all of his glory!