Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long Day

Yesterday was a long day. We went to the gym, out to breakfast, to the driving range, Wal-Mart, pet store and finally tanning. That just wears me out thinking about it. I was tired and thought we were going to be early when we realized that we were losing an hour. That made me even more tired.

Some good news, I was on my Wii fit and found out that I have lost 3 lbs in the past week. I'm going to attribute that to the fit and all those silly games that I have been playing. Last night I tried the yoga and strength training. For a silly game, it sure gives you a work out. I am becoming a good hula-hooper and down hill skier. I'm loving my early wedding gift and I'm quite certain Cowboy is too, since we play every night.

I convinced Cowboy that he needed to get a wedding ring for the day of our wedding. He doesn't want to wear it after we are married. He has a ring of his dad's that he wants to wear. I'm okay with that but I wanted a nicer ring for pictures etc. So off to Wal-Mart for the ring. My budget was $10. We had to splurge and spend a little more. For the whopping price of $15, Cowboy now has a silver band. That's my thrifty guy.


Lynilu said...

Wii fit is the only one I am interested in. It's hard to be inspired to work out alone, and I But I won't spend that much $$.

$15, huh? I'm shocked that you spent so little when you ring was, oh, twice that, right?

MJ said...

Lynilu- I know, last of the big spenders for the big ring. Considering he's probably going to wear it for 5 hours.

Caroline said...

The time change this year has really messed me up. I hope I can sleep better tonight so I won't be too tired come Monday morning.

Good for you for losing 3lbs. If you keep this up you could probably cancel your gym membership.

Monogram Queen said...

I"m a huge fan of thrifty!!!