Friday, March 13, 2009

Tax Day

Boy does it feel like I got the best of Uncle Sam today. My company got the new stimulus tax plan in place and I got a whopping $21 extra in my paycheck today. I promptly went out and bought dinner at our favorite place, Texas Roadhouse. Yummy

I left work early and headed out to Cowboy's home town to see his accountant to get our taxes done. Uncle Sam show me the money. We pleasantly got more than I was expecting. We talked all the way home on how we were going to spend the money. Bills, vet bills, credit card bill and finally A HONEYMOON! Life is good.

Last year we filed our taxes as married even though we weren't legally married. It was a better outcome for us doing it that way. In KS, as long as you represent yourselves as married, you are considered common law. We laughed about it this year as we are actually getting married in two weeks. I guess you could say we are getting married on our "first anniversary".

Two weeks, can you believe it???


Lynilu said...

Hey, any time I come out ahead, I will rejoice!

Monogram Queen said...

Hard to believe, and then not. I'm so happy for you!