Saturday, March 14, 2009

Table Decorations

I have given Cowboy two tasks for the wedding. One was to get the beer and the other was to make the table decorations. I wanted chunks of wood made into candle holders. Him being the woodsman, that assignment was right up his alley. He has put it off and put it off until today. He found the wood at my parents when he went to help my dad a couple of weeks ago. It was perfect. He only had to make 60 candle holders that we will let the guest take home with them. Check out the final product.

We had 60 chunks sitting in our driveway.

Next came the drilling. He said his arm is a little sore from pushing down and holding the drill steady. Small price to pay.

TA-DAH.... I love them. All 60 of them. (He ended up with 70, some to give to the neighbors)


Caroline said...

Those are cool. Another thing you can check off your list.

Lynilu said...

Those are nice. What a great touch.

Did it MY way said...

VERY original-nice job cowboy

Monogram Queen said...

Very cool! I love the personal touches.