Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And the Next Moment

So one moment, I'm complaining about date night at LJS and then look what my wonderful man has done for me. I had a fish pond at my old house and was sad to leave it behind. Now I have one at this house. What an awesome guy!! He may not say sweet nothings often but he does show me love in so many different ways. He has actually done a few more things to the pond after this picture. The pond looks awesome.

Cowboy has taken to calling me Fifi, so he now has a new name, Hank. He comes up with the silliest things. Where in the world would Fifi come from?? He's downstairs right now, singing at the top of his lungs.

Today was a hard day. I came home and told him that I didn't have a good day--so he went for a walk with me and has been very kind. I do love this man.


Monogram Queen said...

I love your yard...

Fifi and Hank - somehow it fits!

Caroline said...

Your fish pond looks great!!!!! I love how you showed us the whole process through pictures. Your yard is becoming your own escape from this crazy world.

I am glad Cowboy went for a walk with you tonight. I know you appreciated it after the day you had.

Lynilu said...

We women want our men to be verbal, and it simply is not something that comes easily to many of them. I guess we should back away from our "girlie" needs and look at the whole picture of their communication to us, eh?

That is a beautiful pond, and while the shape isn't a heart, I think it say "LOVE" anyway! :)

MJ said...

I think you are right--it does say love out loud.