Monday, June 23, 2008

Date Night

We have been planning for a week to have a date night. We were originally going to go out on Friday night but Cowboy ended up golfing so we moved it to Sunday night. We had movie passes but couldn't find a movie to go to. Cowboy found Unforgiven on the TV so stayed at home and watched his western. He had a good day today and decided to take me out to Long John Silvers and then to Dairy Queen. (We had a coupon for blizzards.) When we got home, he said "There I got date night out of the way. I hope you enjoyed it honey".

What a great romantic man!?!


Caroline said...

I am sorry that your date night didn't turn out the way you had hoped it would.

Maybe you need to give Cowboy a lesson on being romantic like you did for me and sewing....step by step.

Lynilu said...

Does he understand that domestic violence doesn't always originate with the male????? And the most common root problem is a crappy, blown-off date night??

Next time, MJ, have a back-up plan. If there isn't a good movie to go to, go to dinner and __fill in the blank__. Starlight Theater? Take in the zoo? Wander around Union Station? One time he has to accompany your to walk around Zona Rosa, if only to window shop and the next you tag along to Cabela's .... with no complaining on either part!! Always have a back up plan to do something different.

Good luck! :)

POuNcEr said...

Just found your blog. I know he wasn't romantic, but my hunny isn't either. I'm just glad on our date nights that I get to be with my wonderful husband and we're together just the two of us.