Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Easy on the Eyes

The eyes are doing much better. I didn't have to use the "eye candy" (ie. pain cocktail for post PRK surgery). I still can't see much. This made it a little difficult to see the other "eye candy", Tim McGraw. He was in concert last night and we had side of stage seats so I could see a little. He apparently was wearing an orange sleeveless t-shirt but according to my vision, he was shirtless all night long. Which was really okay with me and I thought it was kind of him to give me that view.

I'm still being driven around, just like driving Ms. Daisy. I can't wait til I gain all my freedom back. Cowboy says that if I can't see clearly this weekend, he going to feel bad leaving me home again while he plays golf. Gee, thanks. I get the "bandage" contacts out tomorrow and the doctor said that my vision should be much better after that and over the next three weeks, it will finish improving. I will have to take a steroid eye drop for the next month. Oh, the fun of it all. I'm so tired of putting drops in my eyes. Cowboy said it was good that I can do that without help, he could manage the drop routine.


Caroline said...

Did you tell Faith I said HI?

Lynilu said...
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Lynilu said...

Well, that didn't really make sense. duh.

Well, I wasn't considering it anyway, but you pushed me over the line into "Hell, NO, I don't want eye surgery" land!!

Thank you for saving me the trouble!!