Sunday, June 1, 2008

Busy, Busy Weekend

It was a busy, busy weekend. Saturday morning, Cowboy slept in a little and didn't drag "my ass" out of bed at 6a like he promised to do. We did go out for breakfast at our favorite "Town Topic" in our old neighborhood. Then off to the garage sales. It really wasn't a great day for finds but the best one was the window frame in the pictures. We picked that up for $1--complete with glass. I got the pleasure of breaking out all the glass. Cowboy just shakes his head when I find such treasures and when I'm finished with them, he's amazed. It me all day to get the flower beds done. I just need to plant flowers in the old wheelbarrow. What used to be dead grass, is going to look awesome in a couple of weeks.
Saturday night, my friend, Dr. T. and I went to see Sex in the City. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Cowboy is my Mr. Big and I totally gets why he is hesitant to get married again. I came home and told him that I want him to be my husband, so when he is ready, I will marry him. (That doesn't mean that I won't drop a million hints in the meantime).
Sunday morning, I had flowers to water before we went to play golf. Cowboy, his son and I played. I got my first birdie on a 5 par hole--488 yards. I've had other birdies but not on 5 par holes. The boys took a 6 on that hole. I was so excited.
Tonight, I went with Caroline to help her celebrate her parents. It has been awesome to see the changes she has personally made in the past month and I'm so excited to see her move forward in her life. I was very proud of her.
I was scheduled for Jury duty tomorrow and was looking forward to having a day or two off work, even if that meant being on a jury. I had to call today and they cancelled my duty so I decided to just take the day off anyways. Cowboy and I will be spending the whole day together on a Monday--playing hookie. I'm thrilled! We're going to play golf and then he is fixing me a fried chicken dinner complete with the trimmings.


Caroline said...

I LOVE the window in your garden. What an awesome idea and it looks so cool.

Thank you so much for helping me see that I needed to make these changes in my life. What I appreciated was the fact that you told me in a way that was not mean or hateful. It really wasn't until we had that talk a few weeks ago that I realized how much I needed to change in order for my life to be different. You are so awesome and I am lucky to have you as a friend.

Good for you for still taking the day off tomorrow. As much as I love taking time off for vacations, the best time off from work are the days where I just stay home. Enjoy your day.

Monogram Queen said...

Do ya'll EVER not have a busy week-end? You people are whirlwinds and SO productive i'm stinkin' jealous! :)

Caroline said...

To answer your question Patti....NO they never have a weekend where they are not busy.

MJ said...

Actually, we do have some weekends where not much gets accomplished. We just have lots to do in the new house. + we're both a little ADD

Caroline said...

A "little" bit ADD....You really make me smile MJ.