Monday, June 2, 2008

Day Playing Hookie

I played hookie today.....hehehehe I hardly ever do that but since jury duty was cancelled, I didn't feel so bad. We had a tee time set for 10:15a at a very nice course. We slept in, yes, until 8:30a. Then off to play golf. However, a big storm rolled thru and we were rained out, more like lightening striked out. We went out for breakfast. I came home and took a nap and then we went to Cowboy's daughters house to spoil the baby for 4 hours. I could so used to sitting around and holding a (my) baby. Maybe someday. Cowboy and I talk about it alot but neither of us make any concrete moves towards babydom.

The highlight of the day was a fried chicken dinner that Cowboy made complete with all the trimmings. Did I mention that I need to lose weight before the big 25th class reunion. With meals like that, it just ain't gonna happen. My new scale isn't magically taking off any pounds. I may have to take the scale back unless it starts behaving at it was intended to. Of course, we don't want to factor into the equation Cowboy's cooking.

It was a good day!

PS. I have to play hookie again soon to cash in on our rain check for golf.


Caroline said...

Sorry your golf game was rained out. But like you said, you have an excuse to play hookie again sometime soon.

I took my lunch to work and had planned on just eating my salad, but that all changed when a co-worker wanted to go out to lunch. Yea, I guess my diet will start tomorrow.

Lynilu said...

That sounds like a nice day! Even though you had to cancel the golf, it was a good day.

Fried chicken is impossible to pass up, isn't it? yummmmm.

Monogram Queen said...

I love "hookie" days. Unfortunately don't get them nearly enough!