Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quick update. Thanks for the well wishes. The surgery went well. It was very different than the Lasik I had 8 years ago. During PRK, the scrape off the top layer of your eye and laser thru the top layer. Then they put on a "bandage" contact. I'm on a variety of eye drops. 1- every hour, 2- 4x a day, 1- for pain as needed, and then regular tear drops. I've only had to use the pain drop once. I went back to the doctor this morning. So far, good. They said more of the pain may be coming as the eyes heal. I'm very sensitive to sunlight. And for sure, not a good patient.

Cowboy has been great. We had a little talk the other morning. Hopefully, he heard some of what I had to say. He has been very helpful yesterday and today.

Gotta go rest the eyes. Stating to get a little watery.

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Lynilu said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well. Eye surgery always makes me nervous, so you're a far braver woman than I!!

Take it easy, don't rush anything, and follow every direction to the T.


Oh, BTW, I'm glad to hear you and Cowboy talked. Very glad. :)