Saturday, June 21, 2008


Caroline has been bugging me forever to teach her how to sew on a button. She came over on Thursday night and we had a little sewing lesson. Ironically, she was telling a story about how she made step by step instructions for a co-worker on a computer program. I guess everyone has their strengths, sewing is not one of Caroline's. I told her that I would get her to the point where she can make her own clothes. (That is if there is enough time left in the world..ha ha)

Keep in mind, during the lesson, I still can't see well. We had to go step by step, from threading the needle to how to determine the top from the bottom of the button and so on. She did well, so I sent her home with her own sewing kit. I told her she had to work up to one my size. (Hers is the zip lock.) Notice the button she sewed on the piece of fabric, a treasure for sure.

Update on the eyes, they are getting better but as of today, I'm still not seeing clearly. It's like having bad eyesight and only having one contact in. I'm ready for this to be over. The doctor assures me that I am doing well.

Yesterday, we had a company bowling party. I wasn't sure if I would be able to bowl. I was able to bowl, I just couldn't see the score. We had a tournament and the team I was on won first place. So I guess I wasn't handicapped to much. We did win $50. I did drive to work. You don't realize how much freedom you have when you can drive. It was a little anxiety provoking but I made it fine. I think golf is out of the questions for the weekend.

Progress with Cowboy--I brought him coffee this morning..He said, "Thank you, you're a sweetheart". I about fell down the stairs! It's a start on the verbal compliments.


Caroline said...

HaHaHa!!! Yes sewing is not one of my strengths, but I at should at least get an A for trying. I will probably need a couple more lessons on the whole button thing before I am ready to move to making clothes.

Sorry you aren't able to play golf this weekend. I am sure by next week your eyes will be just fine.

And Yay for Cowboy this morning. I know that made you really happy.

Lynilu said...

LOL! at Caroline's sewing kit!! That's too funny! I didn't realize she didn't know how to sew on a button till she told me the other night! I was stunned!

Now wait .... you can DRIVE a couple tons of steel, but you can't DRIVE a golf ball?????? That's a bit scary, MJ!! We really need to talk!!

Isn't it odd how little it takes ot make us happy? I'm glad he is coming around. :)

Caroline said...

Notice how my sewing kit has my name on it while MJ's does not.....

Monogram Queen said...

My Mother and my middle sister can sew like nobodies business and I am SO envious but I have two left thumbs and ZERO patience!
My hats off to any seamstress. Seriously and to Caroline for at least giving it the ol' college try!