Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He surprises me

So I bitch and moan about Cowboy and then he turns around and surprises me. Cowboy has almost put in our fish pond which is no small feat. He had to build a retaining wall and then dig out the pond area. He did a lot today. (pics tomorrow) Then he grilled dinner for Caroline and I. What a guy! See what I mean about how he shows me he loves me. We are going to start on the complimenting part today. I'll keep you update.

Just a really cute story. Sadie is awesome with little kids. Whenever we are walking, they all want to pet her. Caroline and I went for a 4 mile walk and on the way back to the house, we approached two women and three kids. Two of the kids couldn't have been more than 3 years old. They were very excited to pet Sadie. So I asked if they wanted to pet her and made her sit. They were petting and I had them feel her ears which feel like silk. Sadie then moved her head towards one of the little ones to lick him which made him back away. I explained to him that she was trying to give him a kiss. About that time, Sadie stood up. The little boy went up to Sadie and put his hands on her hips and laid his head on her back as to give her a hug. It was so adorable. Sadie proves once again what a great dog she is.

First day of the new life change plan.--up at 6p for treadmill and sit-ups. Healthy eating all day. Walking for 1 hr tonight. Now just need to repeat one hundred million days. Wish me luck.


Lynilu said...

Don't you love dogs that are good with kids? What a neat story!

Uhhh, I don't want to hear any more about your new routine. Stop it, now!! I feel fat and sluggish enough without your help!! Gah!

Caroline said...

You forgot to mention the little boy that was running after us to get to Sadie. Sadie is such a good dog.

I still can't believe all the hard work that Cowboy did today on your pond. You have one of the prettiest yards in your neighborhood.

The walk was great and I am looking forward to walking again....that is as soon as I can feel my legs.

Caroline said...

P.S. Thank Cowboy again for dinner. It was delicious.

Anonymous said...

MJ could I hire that man for a few weeks......is he allowed to cross the border into a foreign country?
He can bring the dog too...what a sweetie she is. Good luck with the excercise/healthy eating program, .... thats a never ending battle for me.