Thursday, June 12, 2008

A challenging week

One of the neat things about this spring has been watching our yard come to life with things we didn't know were here. The lilies were buried under black tarp and mulch. Once Cowboy, removed that, we found lots of surprises, the lilies being one of those surprises.

This week has been one of the most challenging for me with Cowboy. It started with Saturday and his intensity on the golf course. The followed with Monday and his "pissyness" about only playing 9 holes. Last night was the kicker. After I got home from work, he went out to run a few errands. He said he was buying lottery tickets. Over 1 1/2hours later, when he still wasn't home and I was still here with the baby (not that I minded that part), I called him. He asked why I was calling and insisted he was just running errands. I knew something was up.

When he came home, the truth came out. One of his errands was stopping by the bar to have a beer with his buddies. I promise you, I don't mind that he does that and I have told him a thousand times that I don't mind. What does bother me is you didn't bother to tell me that was what you were doing? I'm so pissed at him. I've called him all kinds of colorful names to anyone who would let me vent about it. We tried to talk about it last night--neither of us in the right space to do that. Today we played golf. I'm becoming a little nicer to him. He doesn't think he did anything wrong and thinks I'm being to sensitive. We've gotta work thru this but I need to be in a better space first. We've always been able work thru things and I'm sure this will be one that we work thru and laugh about in a month. Someone reminded me that he's just being a man. Damn it!

Tomorrow, I go in for PRK eye surgery. I'm a little nervous. Not so much for the surgery but for the recovery. I've heard it is more intense than Lasik. Wish me luck.

It's storming as I write this and I turned around and saw my poor fraidy cat dog hiding under the bed.


Lynilu said...

OMG, poor Sadie! Ali used to be like that, but since we moved here, he has settled down almost completely. I'm sure it is because of the few such storms we have here.

I love, love, love the lilies! My mom used to grown lilies and irises. Both have sweet memories for me. :')

Relationships .... gah! Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could be without the hiccups? You find someone who is perfect, and behold! They really are!! But in the meantime ( or the real time), good luck. Just remember it is worth the effort to work through these things. You're both mature enough that neither comes to the other without some baggage. I would guess that your professional training gives you the edge in some ways, but if anything, it's even harder for us to apply those things in our own lives. sighhh. But my guess is that you'll agree that his good point outweigh these. Keep the faith!

Lynilu said...

Good grief. My mom didn't "used to grown" lilies. *I* groan, but she didn't grown.


Caroline said...

Poor Sadie.....I am thankful that Sophie is not afraid of storms. The cats on the other hand are so afraid of all the thunder we have been having. They usually go running which makes Sophie think they are playing a game. There is so much going on in my small apartment. :)

As far as Cowboy...I know he loves you dearly, but just does not always show you in the best ways. I wish I had more advice for you, but know that you can always vent to me.

I know tomorrow will go just fine. Call me if you need anything...especially any Margarita Dip. :)

Sandra said...

I had Lasik, but I know a few people who had PRK and their recovery was virtually the same. Just use your drops. You'll be fine and you'll be so happy with how well you can see!

~Deb said...

What is PRK? I had lasik done and it was a longer recovery time for me, only because my corneas were so thin and they had little to work with.

Please remember to always wipe of the salt residue from your eye lashes. My doctors failed to tell me that, and I felt as though someone threw salt in my eyes.

Good luck!!!

Caroline said...

Glad to hear that it all went well. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you tonight or this weekend. I really have no problem making a Margarita Dip run. :)

Lynilu said...

I know you probably aren't reading the blog yet, but when you can .... I hope you have a totally effortless recovery and awesome eyesight!! Take care of yourself, and B.E....C.A.R.E.F.U.L!!!!

Sandra said...

Ok, sounds like recovery is NOT the same for PRK as Lasik. Yikes.

That's so cute, my dog hides his head when there's thunder or fireworks too. He seems to have no clue that his gigantic Collie rump is sticking out and he's not really 'hiding'.