Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Best Friend

My best friend is coming to see me. My best friend is coming to see me. Can you tell, I'm excited. It won't be for a month but I'll be counting down the days. Sherry lives in Florida and has twins and a little one. I love being with the "girls". Cowboy said he was going to take a trip when they were here. Spoil sport.

Actually, I have learned one thing about him. It's one thing that I wish I could change but since I can't I have learned what I need to do. Whenever I talk with him about someone coming to stay and he's not warmed up to the idea, he begins to act like a brat and throw a fit. Last night when I told him Sherry was visiting, it was a million questions. He was just grumpy about it. This morning, it was like he was a different person about it. He is supportive of the idea, plans on sticking around, wants to help with plans, etc. Where did grumpy butt go? I'm glad he can turn it around but dealing with him until he turns it around is not fun. My plan--stay calm, bide my time and then it will be fine. He's usually supportive of what I want to do.

Tomorrow night is girls night at the house. I've not been a good friend and haven't keep in touch with many of my friends in the past 6 months. I invited three friends over for dinner tomorrow night. I'm glad they are coming, it will be good to catch up.

My first start to the diet plan- pay attention to when I'm really hungry and when I'm really full. Walk, walk and walk more.

One other thought--Cowboy is reconsidering letting Sadie sleep on the bed. After months of fighting with her about being on the beds, he's thinking about letting her get on the spare bed with her blanket on the bedspread. The windows look out the front of the house and she can see everything from the bed. We'll see how this goes.


Caroline said...

Yay for your best friend coming into town and brining her little ones. I know you are so excited.

One thing that has helped me in the past when I am trying to lose weight is to write everything I eat down. It makes you more aware of what you are eating. As far as the walking...count me in on wanting to walk with you. Now if we could just get a couple days without rain....

Lynilu said...

It's fun to get together with friends you haven't seen in a while, isn't it?

Cowboy... well, some people just need to "digest" things before they know what to do with them. Maybe he's like that. I don't know exactly what it is, but be happy that he "comes around"!!

Losing weight is a problem for many of us. I've not been doing well recently, because I broke some good habits I had for a while. I'm trying to get back in the habit of limiting portions and being aware of everything I eat, sort of like Caroline said. Good luck! (to all of us!!)

Monogram Queen said...

You are doing the right time in biding your time and being patient. NOT always easy. I've been there :)
Yay for your friend coming to visit! I have to say Stacy was so nice about Cheeky & Bella coming to stay about our beach house last year when he didn't know them from Adam and i'd only met Cheeky once IRL and Bella never. It worked out great too!