Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby J Day

Today was a big day. Papa (because we don't use the word grandpa) had the baby almost the whole day. Baby J came around 11a and was with us until around 8p. Mom and Dad had a little time away. This was the baby's first time away from his parents. Papa did well today. Of course, I got a little time in when I got home.

More tomorrow...I'm tired tonight.


Caroline said...

Baby J is so darn cute. Glad to hear that Papa had a good day with the little guy. I know you enjoyed your time with the little one as well.

Lynilu said...

"Papa" is good! That's what my kids call their grandfather, my ex. It's very tender and endearing, and a term that the kids picked when the older one was around 5 or 6.

And BTW, it was easier for baby to be away from Mom and Dad than the other way around!