Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Low Key Weekend

It truly was a low key weekend for us. We didn't have a lot planned. It's usually golf time but we'll just wait for next weekend. Saturday night was our neighborhood association ice cream social. It was really the first time Cowboy and I were at that type of gathering and got to meet several of our neighbors. I love being at social events and so does Cowboy, although he protest a lot before he gets there. We were the last to leave. One of our neighbors came over later for a few beers. We sat out on our back deck and enjoyed the evening. I can't express often enough how much I love our new house and neighborhood. I thought I would have a hard time leaving my old house behind, since it was the first house I owned and bought all by myself. But I don't miss it at all.

Cowboy had a few redeeming moments this weekend and a few "I could kill him" moments. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not but he is very particular. Everything has to be in it's place or done the way he would have done it. Which is great, because our house is orderly and clean. But sometimes it gets on my nerves. Last night while we were waiting on our neighbor to come over, he started in on the grilling utensils and the grill cover. He'll say, "Baby, you should have taken in the grilling utensils when you were done" and " next time you take off the grill cover, undo the Velcro." Really, I did live by myself for 20 years before he came into the picture and I can do all that stuff myself. I told him I was done with him and he needed to go in the house. I enjoyed my beer for a long time, by myself. Finally, I texted him. (I know, he was just in the house) I told him I was done being done and asked him to come outside. Crazy us.

He did verbally compliment me on my grilling and the homemade potato salad. We might be getting somewhere.

Today, Caroline dropped off Sophie. She is a great dog and has kept Sadie company all day. She walks around and just watches me. I'm sure she has seen a few new things today. I busted out the sewing machine--I know Caroline doesn't have one of those at her house. Sophie is going to go home a cultured dog.

This morning for about 10 minutes I could see perfectly. It's a good start. Maybe tomorrow morning the eyes will be back to normal. Let's cross our fingers.

I got stung by a wasp this morning trying to be neighborly. We have several islands in the neighborhood that needed mowed and trimmed. I was cutting some brush and out of no where, I got stung on my right forearm. M***er F***er that hurt. All I could do was cuss. Cowboy didn't give me a lot of sympathy. He just recounted every story about the times that he was stung. He said my arm would be sore and tonight it sure is. I think I'm falling apart at the young age of 43.


Caroline said...

I am so glad that Sophie is doing well. Thank you again for taking care of her while I went on this adventure. And aren't you proud of me for not calling anymore and checking in on her. :)

I really hope your eyes start clearing up. I know it's been a long 10 days for you.

Monogram Queen said...

Patience Grasshopper when it comes to Cowboy :)

How lucky Sophie is learning culture - wish I could learn some!

Wasps DO hurt like a m____f___r!!!

Lynilu said...

I had one of those (husband), too. It didn't really matter if my way was better than his, things should be done his way. Hard to deal with, I know. As MQ says, "Patience, Grasshopper." He's a man, after all!

Yay for the eyes! Now you can (LOL!!) see the light at the end of the tunnel!