Monday, June 16, 2008

The Latest on the eyes

I can't sit at the computer long so time for just a quick update. I would have Lasik 10x before I would do PRK again. The recovery is more intense. Yesterday and this morning were bad. Thank the good Lord and the inventor of the Pain Cocktail. I woke up about 3a and in the whiniest voice that has escaped from my body in 20 years, I asked for a cold rag for my eyes, Ibuprofen and pain drops. Cowboy was a real trooper. I am usually not high maintenance but I know I was last night and this morning. Cowboy took me to the doctor this morning, the healing is on track and in two more days I should be able to see and be better....more blogging then.

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Caroline said...

Sorry that this time the recovery is so hard. I am sure seeing Tim McGraw in concert tomorrow night will help your eyes feel so much better.