Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Golf weekend

The golf weekend is behind us. What started out to be such a promising weekend didn't turn out like either of us expected. We left early and stopped in the very small town of Florence to eat at a little Ma and Pop shop. Ironically, it was named Town and Country. When I was in high school, I worked at a Town and Country. Small town cafe that held 36 patrons, the cook and me. I did everything but cook. The food at this Town and Country was good. Then it was off to Newton for a round of golf.

Sand Creek Station is a beautiful course. It was named the 2nd best public course in KS. We got there early. The day was beautiful with the exception of the 40 mph winds. But hey, it was a weekend away and golf was in the plan. We checked in and they told us we could start early. We made it to the tee box and the foursome in front of us had teed off but was going to let us play through. Cowboy stepped up to the tee box and hit a beautiful drive. I was next and smacked one down the center of the fairway, longer than the 4 men and past Cowboy's drive. Not bad to start out. We both parred the hole. Then the wheels fell off and the day went to shit! It was so windy and it's a challenging course. Cowboy got all wound up and never calmed down enough to have fun. When he is in a pissy mood, he's really not all that fun. The crazy thing is he shot a 43 on the front 9 which millions of people in this world will never be able to do that.
Here was one of his best shots for a birdie on this hole. The day was so bad that at one point, I wouldn't even talk to him. He started to regain control of his attitude. He asked me if I would still be his buddy, I told him I needed a couple of more holes before I would. It was pretty miserable playing in the awful wind and with his awful attitude.
Here is a picture of the drive home on Sunday. The wind is blowing the topsoil off the field. We cancelled our tee time for Sunday. Neither of us wanted to go through that experience again. The whole weekend wasn't lost. We met a college friend of mine and her husband out for dinner and then we went to a bar for more drinks. We had a blast. Cowboy ended up drinking to much, playing pool and singing Karaoke. Another plus, our hotel was nice.

I guess for me, the weekend was about getting away and being together. If I had played the worst golf of my life, I still would have been happy to get away.

Cowboy has apologized several times and says he wishes he wouldn't get so down on himself. I wish he would figure out how to relax and let go of his intensity and frustration. When he is relaxed, he plays much better. I will say that we were smart enough to not play today. We both know our limits!


Caroline said...

Sorry that your day of golf didn't turn out how you had expected. This gives you a good excuse to get away again in a few weeks...and of course for Sadie to stay with me again.

Gotta love that Kansas wind.....

Lynilu said...

Too bad the weekend went fizzle. It is hard to have that happen, especially when you've planned some fun like this. I get the feeling that Cowboy is an, uhmm, intense personality. That's not a bad thing, just who he is. He sounds as if he turns it around, calms down, fairly well, and that is a plus. I've found that most people who do sports are more inclined toward that intensity.

As an aside, the above is one reason that I still, against great resistance from parents, DO NOT recommend competitive sports for small children ... they have not grown into their ability to manage the intensity, and it is a set up for behavior problems. Competitive sports at 6 just makes me sad.