Monday, June 30, 2008

"So When are you getting married?"

The big question lately has been--"So when are you getting married?" Yesterday when we were golfing one of the men we were paired with asked, today a neighbor asked and this weekend, my mom asked. Cowboy is very good at not answering. I'm very good as looking at Cowboy and saying so "when are we getting married?" Cowboy told my mom that when we win the lottery, we would be on a plane to LasVegas and have lots of Elvis impersonators at a wedding. Mom just laughed. I reminded my mother that they have said that they would budget $3000 for a wedding--that was 20 years ago when I was prime marrying age so with inflation they should budget around $10,000. Cowboy commented that would be enough for a motorcycle.

I told Cowboy that we are going to get married. He said "But we're already considered common law married." I replied "I don't have your last name." (Not that I would take it--the jury is out on that one). Cowboy informed me that was just a technicality.

Keep in mind, I'm not a big hurry--but I would like a big ring.


Caroline said...

Yes Cowboy is very good at not answering the question...he is even better at changing the subject when it's brought up. :)

I had no idea that you were thinking of keeping your last name. I still think you should use both last names...hehe

Monogram Queen said...

Yep definitely hold out for a big ring *grin*

Lynilu said...

LOL!! Oh, yeah, get that big ring!!!

In retrospect, I would have kept my name both times. Not as a disrespect or disregard for the man, but simply that I am who I am, and that feeling of being "Lynilu Maiden Name" never went away for me. It was fun being known by the new names, but I was still ME! Whatever you do, it will be right for you. :)